De velhas raizes minhas,

umas vivas, outras mortas,

retirei ervas daninhas

p’ra poder abrir mais portas.

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terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011


We don't need any more bluff!
In this world so rough and tough!
We are full of the fake good,
The moralists, the lots of "should".
We beg trust in our generation,
Full of love and good imagination.
We only need some more conditions,
To bring life to our big ambitions.
Don't pretend to change what we are,
Even when you find us bizarre.
We don´t need any more bluff.
Enough is enough!

Let's burn the stress,
'cause the world is in a mess.
Everybody, let´s sing,
Play guitar and swing.
Forget the world for now.
Let´s dance, scream, wow!!!
This is good, my friend,
Rather nice, rather trend!
And if you are not there ...,
Try other thing, anywhere,
But be happy, give it a try.
Life deserves our great joy
For everything it does.
And while the adults buzz,
We sing, play and dance.
We have no other chance!

Enough is enough!
The world is full of bluff!
We all miss good advices
From adults, with no vices.
If you know where they are,
Bring them here with a guitar
And we, together, start to play
And share the joy of a happy day.
Come outside, bring your friends,
The good ones, with no pretends,
Disturbing pride, or dull bluff.
Enough is enough!

Maria Letra
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